First I’m going to state the Facts

1. Craigslist site exhibits local classifieds and forums for 450 cities worldwide, in all 50 US states and over 50 countries.
2. Craigslist gets more than 8 billion page views per month.
3. More than 25 million people each month use Craigslist. 3
4. Craigslist users self-publish more than 20 million new classified ads each month.
5. Best of all is FREE!!!

Craigslist’s Turnaround profit on the time you spend on promoting your business, or item you are selling is Ridiculous; all you are doing is taking 10 minutes of your time and writing a post. Then sit back and wait to sale it.

But of course just like everything else, you need to know there are millions of other people also trying to make money OUT OF CRAIGSLIST ADS. So you are here researching how to improves hits to your Ads, and get more money in your pocket, I’ve been using Craigslist for over 4 years and the response I’ve gotten out of it has been great.

1. The more Ads the better, but of course (Craigslist hates Doubles, or anything that seems like the same) So change it up, add a Few Extra sentences to the top and to the bottom of each additional post, and make sure your titles are different.
2. IP address is something else that helps you out, I’m currently running 20 ads, I run 10 every 3 days from Home, (IP #1) and Run another 10 ads from work, also every 3 days (IP # 2).
3. I KNOW THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT CLAIM TO BE RUNNING 20 PLUS CRAIGSLIST ADS FROM ONE IP / ONE CRAIGSLIST ACCOUNT. BUT IN MY OPINION I WOULDN’T TRUST IT, OR EVEN RISK IT. Craigslist does something most people call Ghosting, which is you Post your Ad you think everything is Great but Ad never shows up ON CRAIGSLIST LISTINGS.
4. Another Great CRAIGSLIST TIP / TRICK is to use Symbols, Don’t over do it neither because eventually craigslist might block this but here are a few you can use, just book mark this page and you can copy them from here.
CRAIGS LIST SYMBOLS. (Just Copy and Paste the Symbol you like) Enjoy

Craiglist Ads Marketing Symbols

▲ ▲
▶▶ ▶ ▶
▖ ▖
▆ ▆
♠ �
♥ ♥
♦♦ ♦ ♦
♬ ♬

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