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Why Is It Important To Have A Mobile Responsive Website Design?

Responsive design or RWD is an approach of laying out and coding a website such that the website provides an optimal viewing experience, provides ease of reading and navigating with minimum scrolling.  If you don’t depend on your website to stay in business or you have zero competition, then this need not apply to you, otherwise if your business is your livelihood and you have a substantial amount of competition getting a mobile responsive website design should be your ultimate goal.

Let’s put it this way, mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales, and mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage before 2014 comes to an end.  It only makes sense that mobile searching and surfing will quickly outnumber desktop searching in the future.

When that happens, you want to have one website, many devices.  A responsive website is able to provide a great user experience across many devices and screen sizes.  This is crucial since it is unlikely to anticipate the devices or screen sizes users will choose.  A responsive website design ensures a graceful transition from what the viewer sees on a PC, to what they are looking at on a tablet or smartphone browser. With a mobile responsive website design you eliminate the straining at a tiny version on your cell and having to zoom and move your screen around to read texts and click on images.


Why Create a Responsive Website Design?

This is a crucial development to consider encompassing into your site since it is evident internet traffic from mobile devices is rising exponentially each day.  The key to any successful business is learning how to grow and expand with the wants and needs of your consumer.  A responsive website design is the next logical step.  Rather than limit yourself into one device specific experience, it’s imperative to adopt and adapt to mobile responsive design.  The way technology is advancing on a daily basis, looks like a mobile-friendly  future is exactly what is on the horizon.

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